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John J. Van Deusen

John J. (Johannes) Van Deusen (1759-1802) was born in 1759 and baptized November 14, 1761 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Claverack, Columbia County, New York. His sponsors were John De la Meter and Hilletje Muller, his wife. His parents … Continue reading

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Johannes Van Deusen

Johannes Van Deusen (1728-1803) was born to Tobias Van Deusen (1696-) and Ariaantje Muller and baptized on May 30, 1728 at Claverack, NY.  His sponsors were Pieter and Jannetie Hoogeboon, Cornelis Muller and Mareytie V. Alen. Johannes’ father was from … Continue reading

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Tobias Van Deusen

Tobias Van Deusen (1696-1781) was the fourth son of Robbert (Teuwisse) Van Deusen (c. 1665-) and Cornelia Martense Van Buren.  He was baptized at Claverack, NY on August 16, 1696 with sponsors were Antoni Bries and Tryntje Bries.  His maternal … Continue reading

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Robbert Van Deusen

Robbert (Teuwisse) Van Deusen was born about 1665 in Claverack, NY to Teuwis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen Van Deursen and Helena Robberts. At age 24, Robbert married Cornelia Martense Van Buren on September 22, 1689.  She was the daughter of Marten Cornelissen Van … Continue reading

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Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deursen

Teuwis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen (Van Deursen) was born about 1631. He was eldest son of Abraham Pietersen (Van Deursen) and Tryntje Melchiors who initially immigrated to New Amsterdam.  According to Van Dusen historian cited in the New York Times, “Teuwis, the oldest … Continue reading

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Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen

Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen (c. 1607-c. 1668) was born in Haarlem, Holland, where he was baptized November 11, 1607 in the Dutch Reformed Church. Twenty years later by 1627, he may have reached Manhattan (now New York City), arriving as a … Continue reading

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