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Edward Smith (-1700) was born probably in Penryn, Cornwall, England and he along with and brothers Robert Smith (1706/7) and Renatus Smith (-1719) probably arrived by sea about 1677.  Since it is known that Robert arrived as a free adult without indenture, it is assumed his brothers did as well.

Edward Smith married Anne Shepherd  (1685-1735).  She was born in 1685 in Talbot County, Maryland, the youngest daughter of Francis Shepherd (1648-1692) and Ann (Hannah) Norris (1650-post-1685).  Anne inherited unicornbranch

300 acres of land called Shepherd’s Folds on Unicorn Branch in 1692 at age seven.

Anne Shepherd and Edward Smith had the four children:

Child Born Married Departed
Robert Smith
Rachel Smith about 1699 Solomon Clayton, 1714
1729, Queen Anne Co.
Mary Smith
Ann Smith Thomas Butler

Little is known of Edward’s life but his brother Robert Smith, Esq. became a leading lawyer in the colony with much land ownership.  Robert probably married Anne Gaines, widow of Thomas Hinson (?-1679).  In 1695, Robert’s ship Robert and Ann was seized for a violation of the Acts of Navigation.  Edward also owned much land in Maryland’s Eastern Shore.The-Eastern-Shore-of-the-Ch

As if history repeated itself for Anne, her husband Edward Smith died in 1700, leaving her with four small children as she had been left as a child by her own parents.

Edward Smith‘s will was filed September 10, 1700 and probated December 16, 1700.  

To son, Robert, 400 A. of “Chesterfield”; 300 A. “Tryangle Addition”; 50 A. bought of Robert Crump; and 100 A. bought of William Hinton.

To daughter, Rachael, 300 A. “Smith’s Ridges.”

To daughter, Mary, 2000 A. on Chester River, formerly belonging to Francis Shepherd.

To daughter, Ann, 300 A. part of “Smith’s Farm”, bought from brother, Robert Smith.

To wife, extr., and to four children afsd. at maturity, personality.

Teste: Robert Smith, Thomas Newton, Mary Nutton.

If any child died without issue, their share to go to next heir; to his wife one half of personal estate and one half to four children, equally divided or as many as attain the age of 18 or marry. Wife to enjoy all as long as she remains my widow.

Fortunately, records cite some of what Edward owed and left behind.

Mr. Edward Smith 21.84 I KE £666.10.1 {1701}

Servants mentioned: Dennis, Eldridge, John Gregory, Arthur Magdaniell, Frank, Michaell, Michaell Gregory.

Appraisers: John Jordain, Henry Green.

List of debts: Charles Hollinsworth, William Hynson, John Lewis, John Foallows, Thomas Hind, Mathew Mason, Patrick Obryant, Henry Hynson, Solomon Wright, Richard Scrivener, John Sinot, William Sparks, John West, Daniel Toad, Hugh Marsh, John Boult, Richard Tilghman, Mathew Collier, Patrick Creagh, Renatus Smith, Walter Smith, Daroy Obryant, John Aley, Dr. Chetham, John Austin, Thomas Punney, Edward Magdaniel, Stephen Richgo, Thomas Bayley, Rennatus Smith, Mr. Patrick Creagh, Stephen Rich, William Scott, Nathaniell Hynson, Mr. Robert Smith, John Hodgin, William Hollinsworth, John Davis, Thomas Newton, Richard Jerrom, John Faulkener (runaway).

Mentions: money in England in the hands of Edward Wright.

Edward Smith 25.332 A KE £666.10.1 £38.10.6 Jul 26 1706

Payments to: Solomon Wright due to Michael Jones, Alexander Graves, Solomon Wright (administrator of James Smith), William Dent, Thomas Bordley.

Executrix: Anne Marshall, wife of Charles Marshall (gentleman).

But Anne Shepherd Smith did not remain a widow long.  She married a second time to Charles Marshall.   With that marriage, it seems that she gave up her inheritance from Edward.

Court Session: 28 Nov 1706

Court Session: 28 Nov 1706


By 1706, Charles abandoned Anne and Edward’s children.


Robert Smith, Esq. (-1706/7) was Anne’s brother in law as well as Renatus Smith.  There were many legal proceedings related to Edward’s children, debt, and lands owed.  Renatus’ will provides some hints:

Will of Renatus Smith of Queen Anne’s County April 2, 1719:

To Deborah Brown, pt. of “Bramton” (for desc. see will), and personalty.

To dau. Mary, all lands not otherwise bequeathed; sd. lands not to be sold by Richard Cole nor Mary, his wife.

To Ann Butler and hrs., 300 A., “Winnfield,” in Tulley’s Neck, formerly owned by Robt. Smith.  [my bracket: Robert was Renatus’ brother and Ann Butler his niece through brother Edward Smith.]

To Solomon, Jr., and hrs. (son of Solomon and Rachel Clayton), 100 A. adj. sd. Clayton’s plantation, formerly belonging to Robt. Smith (made over to testator by act of assembly). [my bracket: Upon Robert Smith’s death, Renatus received his lands.  Rachel Clayton was his niece and Solomon, Jr. grand nephew].

To Solomon Clayton, ex., use of dwelling plantation for 1 yr. and 1 day.

Test: William Shepard, Ann Marshall, Martha Collins.15. 207.

With the early death of first Edward, then Robert, Renatus Smith/Smyth was faced with administering the estate with its land.  Such actions brought the families of Clayton and Smith together.

Acts of Oct. 1720

Acts of Oct. 1720







It appears that Ann Shepherd Smith Marshall out survived all her children except daughter Ann Butler.  Ann Marshall died in 1735 in St. Luke’s Parish, Queen Anne’s County.  pgStLukesEpChurchHer will was  probated February 24, 1735.

Will of Anne Shepherd Marshall

In the name of God Amen, I, Anne Marshall, of St. Luke’s Parish in Queen Anne’s County in the Province of Maryland, widow, being sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks to Almighty God do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

To son-in-law, Thomas Butler, five pounds sterling which I formerly lent the said Thomas Butler to purchase a negro with……….

To grandsons, James and Robert Butler, one mulatto girl named Mary Ann Williams to be taken care of by their father for their schooling, etc.

To daughter, Ann Butler, one negro woman named Nell. To said daughter, my riding mare, saddle, and bridle and all my apparel.

All remainder of estate, real and personal, to granddaughter, Jane Butler, and her heirs. Executrix, Jane Butler.

Edward Smith died young and his wife Ann remarried only to be abandoned.  The family seems marked by much loss but their grandchildren from daughters Rachel and Ann continued the family line.  The burial location of Edward Smith remains unknown but it is probable that Ann Shepherd rests at St. Luke’s Parish, Queen Anne’s County.   RIPHistoricalMarkerSt.LukesParish


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