Cuthbert Proctor of Newcastle

Cuthbert PROCTOR  (pre-1577–1633) was born in Newcastle upon Tyne,  Northumberland, England.  His parents were Roger Proctor (abt. 1535-) of Shawdon and Barbara Gray (abt. 1536-abt. 1613), daughter of Sir Thomas Gray of Horton.

He married Ellinor ( -1624) of Newcastle.  Little is known about her life except that she died eight years before Cuthbert.   They had several children:

Child Born Married Departed
 Doritie Proctor  c. 07 Mar 1602
 Cuthbert Proctor  b. 13 Sep 1603
 Barbarey Proctor c. Abt 1606
 Isabell Proctor c. Abt 1608
 Mathias Proctor c. Abt 1609
 Margaret Proctor William Colston

Cuthbert Procter was a Newcastle merchant who apprenticed to And. Westwood, boothman, Oct. 11, 1577 (Dendy, Surt. Soc. Pub. 101, p. 212).  His property was assessed in a subsidy roll of 1621 for lands in All Saints’ Parish, Newcastle, at 12s.

It was a fascinating time in history regarding English currency.

According to his will dated March 23, 1632, Cuthbert desired “to be buried in All Saints, near to my wife” from whom descended a once numerous branch of the family settled in Newcastle.  Ellinor Procter was buried on August 13, 1624.

Cuthbert gave his three daughters Margaret, Dorothy and Isabel, all his lands, tenements, etc., in Newcastle and Gateshead, except his own dwelling house in Pilgrim Street, as well as his goods, chattels and leases.

He gave his son Cuthbert Proctor his lease of lands at Ponteland provided that within ten years of his death that the son Cuthbert would pay his three sisters in one payment, 9007.  (Worth about $1.2 million now). His Executors were his three daughters and his will was “proved” at Durham on December 17, 1633.  There is a note that one of the said daughters died before the day of payment and that Margaret, wife of compounder, alone proved the will.  Apparently the other sister renounced probate.  The money not being paid, the executrix and her husband William Colston entered and possessed it until it was sequestered.  The other sister was not paid any share of the 9007. The lease was for 1,000 years. In the Northumberland Rentals of 1663, Margaret Colston was rated for lands in Ponteland township at 301.

So it was that Cuthbert and Ellinor were buried near to each other at All Saint’s Parish of Newcastle. 

The Parish of All Saints consisted of the townships of All Saints, Byker and Heaton. The first of these was part of the city and county of Newcastle, and all of these areas are now within the City of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

All Saint’s Church Newcastle on site of old parish

All Saints or All Hallows Church was probably built in the twelfth century and was replaced in 1796 by the present building. The old building is said to have been built on the site of a Roman Pantheon, and so may have older religious associations than any church in the city. The church was deconsecrated in 1961, and in the 1980s it was incorporated into an office complex.

Descended from five generations of male Proctors, the birth and marriage of  their daughter Margaret Proctor shifts the surname to Colston and her daughter marries a Bordley, the family that comes by sea to America during 1600’s.


A History of Northumberland  History of Northumberland, Edward Bateson B.A., (London, England: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Printed and Published By Andrew Reid & Co. Limited, 1895)

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William Colston

William Colston of Ponteland (c.1600-post 1650) was from Newcastle, England.  His parents are unknown.

Ponteland — Newcastle — Northumberland area

William Colston married Margaret Proctor, daughter of Cuthbert Proctor of Newcastle.

During their marriage, William Colston suffered debts in a siege against his property.   According to “Records of the Committees for compounding, etc: with delinquent royalists in Durham and Northumberland during the civil war, etc., 1643-1660:”

1645. Dec. 12. Wm. Colston of Ponteland, co. Northd., petitions to be admitted to compound for delinquency, having been in Newcastle during the siege. He surrendered Nov. 29 last. His personal estate is all wasted by the armies, and taken away by the sequestrators, and he is in debt 35 M.

The land which he possessed in Ponteland, worth 100 marks p. ann, he held in right of his wife as executrix of the will of Cuthbert Proctor her father, deceased, for payment of his debts and the sum of 9007. to his daughters out of said land, which 9007. is to be equally divided between petitioner’s wife and Isabel her sister.

He has 49s. p. ann. for life, in right of his wife, out of certain houses in Sandgate, near Newcastle. Another particular of his estate shows that the personalty was wasted, etc., except a small quantity of feathers. 

William Colston‘s wife Margaret Proctor was a daughter of Cuthbert Procter of the Shawdon family.  On Cuthbert’s death, Margaret and her two other sisters inherited their father’s lands and tenements in Newcastle and Gateshead as well as his goods, chattels and leases.  He gave his son Cuthbert Proctor his lease of lands at Ponteland provided that within ten years of his death that Cuthbert pay his three sisters in 9007. One daughter died before the payment, another sister renounced the probate and Margaret Proctor alone proved the will. The money not being paid, the Margaret Proctor and her husband William Colston, entered and possessed the same until it was sequestered. The lease is for 1,000 years. In the Northumberland Rentals of 1663, Margaret Coulson (Colston) was rated for lands in Ponteland township at 301.

William Colston

William Colston was apparently a baker in Newcastle. The Municipal Accounts (extracts from which form one of Richardson’s Reprints of Rare Tracts, Newcastle, 1848) contain the following entries:

‘1650, August. Paid Wm. Colston for a banquett which was had to entertain General Cromwell, 25/. 2s. 7d.’

‘1650, October. Paid Wm. Colston for Naples bisquett and makrownes [macaroons] which was had the 26th August, being a day of thankesgiveinge for the great victory in Scotland, 20s.’

1660, 19 May. Paid Mr. Wm. Colson, for 6 lb. of Naples biskitts delivered by him when generall Monke came thorow the towne, 7s.’

Known Children of William and Margaret:

Child Born Married Departed
 Margaret Colston abt. 1640 Rev. Stephen Bordley abt. 1660  abt. 1720

William Colston‘s will requests that he be buried at All Saint’s Parish of Newcastle near to his wife Margaret Proctor.  RIP

Their daughter Margaret married a Bordley, the family that would in a generation come by sea to America, settling in Maryland.


Records of the Committees for compounding, etc: with delinquent royalists in …
edited by Richard Welford

The Publications of the Surtees Society, Volume 111

Northumberland County History, Edward Bateson Vol 2, page 192

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William Harris

William Harris (before 1650-1712) arrived by sea at least by 1674 or as early 1668.   He quickly took land patents and became a legislator.  He is known for going back to England to bring back weighing scales to the county of Kent.  This was a time in early Maryland history in which laws and commerce were being developed and strengthened.  800px-Prince_of_Orange_engraving_by_William_Miller_after_Turner_R739William became politically active serving as a Colonel in the rebellion against proprietary authority.

The identity of his parents remains unknown. About 1665, William Harris married Jane.  She is presumed based on wills to be Jane Boone (-c. 1685), daughter of Thomas Boone.  Continue reading

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Charles Hynson

Charles Hynson (1663-1711) was born in Kent County, Maryland in 1663. He was one of  three sons of Thomas Hinson (1620-1667) and Grace who immigrated to Virginia in the 1640s.   Charles’ father was a prominent early settler on the Eastern Shore.   The Hynson family owned plantations and served in political roles in the County.

Charles Hynson married Margaret Harris (c. 1664-1733), daughter of William Harris (c. 1644-1712) on March 25, 1687 at St. Paul’s Parish, Kent County, Maryland.   Hynson and Harris families attended the same Parish.Stpaulchurchmd









The children of Charles Hynson and Margaret were: Continue reading

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Thomas Hynson

Thomas Hynson (1620-1667) was born in 1620, probably a member of the Hinson family of Fordham at the Damside, Cambridgeshire and Fulham, County Middlesex.  He became a founder of the well known Eastern Shore of Maryland Hynson family.

According to a parish register from Fordham, County Cambridge, on April 3, 1621 Thomas Hinson, ye sonne of John Hinson was baptized.  His family pedigree is found in The Visitation of Middlesex citing the granting of arms to his ancestor.  The Hinson arms are described as:

The sun in full splendor face surrounded by rays, being the cognizance of the Duke of York

to which Shakespeare’s Continue reading

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Colonel John Hynson

John Hynson (about 1646-1705) — later known as Colonel John Hynson –was born into an English family that first immigrated to Virginia and later settled in Maryland in 1651.  He was the second born son among two brothers and two sisters.

010John’s parents were Thomas Hinson (1621-1668) and Grace, who Continue reading

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Melchior Keener

Melchior Keener (c. 1720-1798) was born in Saarbruken, Alsace Lorraine, France in 1720. Conditions were difficult due to wars and religious intolerance. At age 19, he emigrated by sea to York County, Pennsylvania in 1739. He was industrious and later became a wealthy shipping merchant, first President of the Ancient and Honorable Mechanical Society, and a founder of the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Along with 60 men, Melcher Keiner (Kuner) immigrated aboard the Snow Betsey from Rotterdam, arriving in Pennsylvania on August 27, 1739.  On that day Melchior Keiner took the oath of Continue reading

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John Keener

John Keener (c. 1755- ) was probably born Maryland or Pennsylvania.  Little is known about his life.

His father was Melchoir Keener (1720-1798), a founder of Baltimore City.  John is not mentioned in his father’s will which suggests that he was either disinherited or deceased by the time of the writing of Melchoir Keener’s final will. Continue reading

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William Clayton (1710-1740)

William Clayton (c. 1710-1740) was born about 1710 in Talbot County, Maryland and lived only thirty years but his only child Mary Clayton grew up to marry William Bordley carrying the Clayton Bordley name for generations to come.

William Clayton was the only son of  William Clayton (1682-1728) and Katharine (-1735), the widow of Robert Gough. Interestingly, William’s father was raised by his father and his stepmother who had four sons from a previous marriage.

mdtal1795William’s father served in the Lower House, Talbot County and was a justice in  Talbot County.  The church was a core aspect of life at that time.  His father was in office at St. Paul’s Parish Vestry, Queen Anne’s County.

William Clayton was about Continue reading

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Francis Shepherd

Francis Shepherd  (1646-1692) was born about 1646 probably in England and it is not definitely known when he first came to Maryland and to Talbot County.  He may have been the son of William Shepherd and Mary who came by sea to Maryland in 1640.

Francis Shepherd married Ann (Hannah) Norris (1650-after 1685) in 1679 in Talbot County, Maryland.mdtal1795  Ann Norris was born in 1650 in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Her parents were Thomas Norris (1609-1675) of Congham, Norfold, England and Anne Hynson (1612-1668) of England who both came by sea to America. Continue reading

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