William Clayton (1710-1740)

William Clayton (c. 1710-1740) was born about 1710 in Talbot County, Maryland and lived only thirty years but his only child Mary Clayton grew up to marry William Bordley carrying the Clayton Bordley name for generations to come.

William Clayton was the only son of  William Clayton (1682-1728) and Katharine (-1735), the widow of Robert Gough. Interestingly, William’s father was raised by his father and his stepmother who had four sons from a previous marriage.

mdtal1795William’s father served in the Lower House, Talbot County and was a justice in  Talbot County.  The church was a core aspect of life at that time.  His father was in office at St. Paul’s Parish Vestry, Queen Anne’s County.

William Clayton was about 18 years old when his father died.  As the only son, he probably inherited all or some of this father’s estate which included a total economic value of  £3,027.12.8 current money, including 42 slaves, 8 white indentured servants, 25 oz. plate, and books. FB, £2,954.15.10. The land owned was at least 2,798 acres in Dorchester, Talbot, and Queen Anne’s counties.  But no will has been located to date.

William Clayton (c. 1710-1740) married Mary Clayton (c. 1714- 1761).  She was the daughter of his uncle Solomon Clayton (1685-1739) and Rachel Smith (-1729) of Queen Anne’s County.  At her mother’s death in 1729, Mary inherited “To dau. Mary and hrs., 300 A. of “Smith’s Ridge,” where John Swallowe lived.” At her father’s death in 1739, the year before her husband died, she inherited “To dau. Mary and hrs., 125 A. lying east of Long Marsh.”

William and Mary had one known child.

Child Born Married Departed
 Mary Clayton c. 1740 William Bordley

William Clayton died in December 2, 1740 and is buried at Clayton Cemetery near Old Wye Church, Talbot County, Maryland.  Mary Clayton died 21 years later at age 47 on June 18, 1761. She is buried next to William. IMG_0421Their graves are located in Wye Mills on a farm west of Route 662 and southwest of Old Wye Church.  RIP


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