William Proctor of Nether Bordley

William Proctor  (?-1524) was born in Nether Bordley, Yorkshire County, England to Geoffrey Proctor (c. 1450-1524) of Nether Bordley in Craven and Katharine (?-pre 1524).

Embleton Parish location

Associated with Embleton Parish, Northumberland,

Embleton Parish Church

Embleton Church of the Holy Trinity has been described as a probable Fortified Ecclesiastical site. There are major building remains. This is a Grade 1 listed building protected by law.

the Proctor family, originally settled in Nether Bordley, Yorkshire, but was established at Shawdon in 1506 through the marriage of William Proctor of Nether Bordley to Isabel, daughter of John Lilburn of Shawdon.

William Proctor married 15 year old Isabel Lilburn (abt. 1485-?) on December 11, 1500.

Born atShawdon Hall Castle, Isabel was the daughter and co-heiress of John Lilburn of West Lilburn and Shawdon who owned the manors of Shawdon, Glanton and Bedford, all of which were located in Northumberland..  William and Isabel lived at the Shawdon Castle where it believed their children were born.

Child Born Married Departed
Cuthbert Proctor abt. 1509 __ Roddam  6 May 1543
Eustace Proctor
Henry Proctor
Dowsabel Proctor
Barbara Proctor
Dorothy Proctor

William Proctor died on April 29th, 1524.  Isabel’s death is unknown.

Geoffrey’s will http://www.archive.org/stream/testamentaebora09claygoog/testamentaebora09claygoog_djvu.txt


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  1. Jill Proctor Timpanaro says:

    Happy to find this site…I was born a Proctor and have been doing an ancestry search…all my family, both sides, came from Northumberland or Durham England…This
    is all very fascinating…

    Jill Proctor Timpanaro

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