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Here’s a list of books of interest to Descent by Sea — either about ancestors, their historical time, or psychological aspects of inheritance…

1.  The Trial of Bat Shea by Jack Casey (2011) —  Greatly enjoyed this book as it gave me insight into my great grandfather John T. Norton and his times in Troy, New York.  Highly recommended author whose other book Kateri: Lily of the Mohawks chronicled the historical period of early Dutch ancestors in New Orange during the 1600s.

2. Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children who Remember Past Lives (2013) by University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker and his earlier book Life before Life (2010).  Adds another dimension to the idea of psychological inheritance!

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  1. Peter J Cotter says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have read your Story about Timothy Cotter your website “Descent by sea” and found it fascinating as I have also researched a Garrett Cotter who was transported to Australia in 1821 after being arrested with white-boys in Millstreet Co Cork Ireland.
    I would like to share some details with you that may clear up some questions about Timothy and garret B 1802. Perhaps you could contact me by email as below.

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