Robbert Van Deusen

Robbert (Teuwisse) Van Deusen was born about 1665 in Claverack, NY to Teuwis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen Van Deursen and Helena Robberts.

At age 24, Robbert married Cornelia Martense Van Buren on September 22, 1689.  She was the daughter of Marten Cornelissen Van Buren (1638-1703) and Marytije Quakenbosch of Rensselaerwyck Colony. (Cornelia is  mentioned in her father’s will dated April 10, 1703).

On Jan. 20, 1695, Robbert was accepted as a member of the Church at Kinderhook (Holland Society Year Book, 1904, p. 10).  There is a record in Albany of the transfer of two tracts of land in Claverack from Hendrick Van Renselaer to Robert Teuwis, in September 1718 (Book E p. 422, 424).

Robbert continued to live in Claverack and by June 1720, he is on the list of  Freeholders.

Robbert Van Deusen and Cornelia Martense Van Buren’s children were baptised in Albany, NY:

Child Born Married Departed
 Johannes Van Deusen bp 13 Jul 1690 Christiana Van Alen
 Matheus Van Deusen bp 1 Nov 1691
 Marten Van Deusen bp 21 Feb 1694 Elbertje Vander Poel; Zara Gardinier
 Tobias Van Deusen bp Aug 16, 1696 Ariaantje Muller (Miller)    21 Mar 1725

 Robbert Van Deusen bp 1 Sep 1700 Christiana Roorpagh (Roorbach) 22 Nov 1724

His second marriage was on August 21, 1718 to Geertruy Van Benthuysen.


History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren cites above history of Robbert Van Deusen

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