Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deursen

Teuwis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen (Van Deursen) was born about 1631.

He was eldest son of Abraham Pietersen (Van Deursen) and Tryntje Melchiors who initially immigrated to New Amsterdam.  According to Van Dusen historian cited in the New York Times, “Teuwis, the oldest of Abraham’s seven children, was barely five when his father, Abraham Pieterszen, brought the family to the New World in the 1630s. Teachers were in short supply, and unlike his father, who was educated in the Netherlands, Teuwis never mastered writing. In lieu of a traditional signature, he would indicate his assent on documents with a big “M,” signifying Matthew or Mattheus, his name in English.” 

He married Helena Robberts in 1653.

Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Duersen moved to Beverwyck (Albany) where he was granted a lot on October 28, 1658.  Sometime between 1667 and 1770, he moved to Claverack.

On June 26, 1677, he deeded a house and lot to Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen. Later the property was transferred by Van Benthuysen to Harme Janse Lyndrayer. The following is an extract of the latter deed:

”Appeared before me Ro. Livingston, secr &c and in the presence of the Honorable Messieurs Richard Pretty & Andries Teller, commissaries, etc. Paulus Martense Raenmaker (wagon maker) (Van Benthuysen), who declared that he had in true rights, free ownership, granted conveyed and transferred to and for the behoof of Harme Janse Lyndrayer (ropemaker) in a certain house and lot standing and lying here in Albany bounded south by Pieter Loockermans, north by the house of Laurens Van Ale & Jan Janse Bleecker, west and east by the public street, in breadth in front on the street (Broadway), which this grantor, does by virtue of the conveyance given him by Mattheus Abrahamse (Van Deusen) of date the 26 of June 1677,” etc.

“Done in Albany, the 13th Dec. 1677.

“Paulus Martense

“Richard Pretty “A.Teller

” Acknowledged before me

“Ro. Livingston, Seer.”

Teuwis resided at Albany and Claverack, NY — two places his children were probably born.  The baptismal records of Albany do not begin until August 5, 1683 while those of Claverack date only from 1722.  The children’s names are not found on the records of either place.

Teuwis and Helena had several children:

Child Born Married Departed
 Tryntje Van Deursen c. 1654 Samson Benson c. 1673
 Lysbeth (Elizabeth) Van Deursen  c. 1658 Johannes Benson c. 1680
 Cornelia Van Deursen  c. 1660 Matty Janse Hoes; William Hallenbeck
 Robbert Van Deursen
c. 1665 Cornelia Martense Van Buren 22 Sept 1689
  Jan Van Deursen c. 1668 Maritie Martense Van Buren 1695
 Jacobus Van Deursen c. 1670 Aeltje Gysbertse Uyttenbogert 1695
 Marritje Van Deursen c. 1674 Abraham Jansen Van Alstyne 1694
 Abraham Van Deursen c. 1676 Jacomyntje Van Schoonhoven 1697
 Catalyntje Van Deursen  c. 1678 Jacobus Martens Van Ysselsteyn; Lambert Kool
 Isaac Van Deursen c. 1680 Baata Van Ysselsteyn
 Helena Van Deursen  c. 1681 Harpert Van Deusen


Mattheus Abrahamse Van Deusen

Interactive map of Van Dusens in New Amsterdam 

His will

ship rennsselaer

Van Deursen Family

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