Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen

Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen (c. 1607-c. 1668) was born in Haarlem, Holland, where he was baptized November 11, 1607 in the Dutch Reformed Church. Twenty years later by 1627, he may have reached Manhattan (now New York City), arriving as a master builder of windmills.

His life and contributions are cited in Wikipedia.

His marriage intentionwas recorded at Haarlem on November 25, 1629 while he was dwelling on the Groote Houtstraat (Great Forest Street), Haarlem.  He married on December 9, 1629 to Tryntje Melchiors born in Groningen and dwelling at the Smedestraat (Blacksmith street), Haarlem (Records of the Groote Kerk, Haarlem).

It is probable that Abraham Pietersen and Tryntje left Haarlem for America very soon after their marriage.   No baptismal records of any of their children are found at that place between 1630 and 1635 but he is known to have been in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1636, when he was recorded as “of Haarlem.”

The baptismal records of the Dutch Reformed Church at New Amsterdam date from 1639. Therefore we have no record of the baptisms of the first four children of Abraham Pietersen and Tryntje Melchiors but we assume they were born in New Amsterdam. The baptisms of their two youngest sons, Pieter and Melchior, are found on the registers of the church.

On April 14, 1657, Abraham Pietersen was granted a ”Small Burgher Right” (New York Historical Society Collection, Vol. 18, p. 22). Four of his children (Teuwis, Marytje, Jacob and Melchior) settled in Albany with their names spelled Van Deusen.

Abraham Pietersen lived on the Heerewegh Straat (now Broadway) in New Amsterdam where he carried on the occupation of miller and innkeeper, trading also in land and cattle.

Children, last two baptized in Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam:

Child Born Married Departed
Teuwis (Matthew) Van Deursen c. 1631 Helena Robberts c. 1653
Marytje Van Deursen c. 1632 Thomas Jansen Mingael; Evert Jansen Wendell
 Isaac Van Deursen  c. 1635 Jannetie Jans
 Jacob Van Deursen Catalyntie Van Elslant
 Pieter Van Deursen 1642 Hester Webbers
 Melchior Van Deursen 1644 Engeltie Rutgers


The Van Dusens of New Amsterdam

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