What if some psychological attitudes, values, & behaviors are inherited from our ancestors? 

I believe they can be. Psychologists call this “ancestor syndrome.”  Demonstrating psychological inheritance is a challenge. We can never confirm what our ancestors actually experienced, but there are many clues.

This ancestral project is a family tree with deep roots.  It tells the story of my ancestors who came to America by sea from the 1600s to the 1800s.  They were Dutch arriving to New Netherland, they were English, French, and Scottish settling in Maryland, and they were Palatines founding Rhinebeck, New York and Irish settling in upstate New York and Texas.   Because they arrived by sea and lived by rivers and bays, I call this: DESCENT BY SEA.  

Our ancestors can provide subtle yet powerful insight into the way we think, feel, and act in the world now.

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For more about this ancestral project, go to ABOUT.

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