Cornelis Stephense Muller

Cornelis Stephense Muller/Mulder was born in Nijkerk, Gelderland, Netherlands in 1639.  At about age 21, he immigrated on January 14, 1660 to New Netherland, aboard the ship De Hoop along with the Van Rensselaer family.

“There is a tradition that the Ten Broecks, Mulders, Hogebooms, Bensons, and Van Cortlandts came with the Van Rensselaers from Holland, as neighbors, not tenants, since they are not in the list of those who took the oath of allegiance to the first Patroon. That their children were named for the Van Rensselaers who were their sponsors in baptism, proves the friendly feeling existing between the families, and that Cornelis Stephense Mulder purchased of Hendrick Van Rensselaer one thousand acres in the town of Claverack as early as 1718, would make it appear that this family might have been among the Albany friends whom he persuaded to settle in his “Lower Manor.” The Parsonable Between Two Manors

Cornelis Stephense Muller got in some trouble in 1660 when a lawsuit
Swas brought against him and against Jacques Jennyn to establish the paternity of a child of Styntje Claes. The court could not decide which man was the father so they found both guilty and sentenced each to pay a weekly amount towards the child’s support, suitable clothing and equipment for three years.

By 1670 in Albany, NY,  Cornelis Stephense Muller/Mulder married Hilletje Loockermans (c. 1653-), daughter of Pieter Janse Loockermans and Marritje Duncanson.

The Muller family were early settlers of Claverack.  Here’s a description of their legacy.


Child Born Married Departed
Jannetje Mulder
Jeremias Mulder 1763
Stephene Mulder
Peter Mulder 25 Dec 1683
Jacob Mulder 1688
 Johannes Mulder
 Christophel 1683
 Arriantje Muller 16 Jul 1696 1771

Cornelis died before 23 Feb 1718 in Claverack, Columbia County, NY and is said to be buried on his son’s farm.


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web link of interest  on Hillitje Miller

Cornelis Stephense Muller – NYS Museum

Hilletje Lookermans Muller NYS Museum

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Marriage of Hilletje Loockermans and Cornelis Stephense Mulder (Rec. v.74, p. 150)

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