John J. Van Deusen

John J. (Johannes) Van Deusen (1759-1802) was born in 1759 and baptized November 14, 1761 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Claverack, Columbia County, New York. His sponsors were John De la Meter and Hilletje Muller, his wife.Claverackchurch

His parents were Johannes Van Deusen and Christina Delamater.  His mother was a descendant of Major Dirck Wessel Ten Broeck, Indian agent at Albany for 20 years, recorder at Albany for many years, former mayor of Albany and owner of 1/7 of the Saratoga Patent. Dirck Wessel also purchased large areas of land in what is now Columbia County.

The Revolutuionary War marked his early adult years. During the War of the Revolution John J. Van Deusen fought side by side with many of his relatives in the Eighth Regiment, Albany County Militia, under Colonel Robert Van Rensselaer. On April 6, 1787, he was commissioned as Ensign in Capt. Kemper’s Company of Colonel Henry J. Van Rensselaer’s Regiment, and in 1797, John was commissioned Lieutenant.

His father Johannes T. Van Deusen was said to have been Chairman of the Committee for Safety at Claverack during the war.

John J. Van Deusen married Fytje (Sophia) Hallenbeck (1764-1833) on Sept. 30, 1782 at the same church where he was baptized. They were apparently third cousins.  She was a daughter of William Jansen Hallenbeck and Maria-Marya Dirckse Spoor. Sophia (Fytje) was baptized March 11, 1764 at the Dutch Reformed Church of Linlithgo, Livingston, now Columbia County, New York.

John J. Van Deusen and Sophia (Fytje) Hallenbeck had eleven children.

Child Born Married Departed
Christinje Van Deusen 17 Sep 1783 Jacob Elmendorf 15 Jul 1851
William Van Deusen 12 May 1785 Annatjen (Anna) Elmendorf
Arianje Van Deusen 1 Aug 1787 Abraham Best
Maria Van Deusen 26 Jan 1789
Jannetje Van Deusen 7 Jan 1791
 Sartje Van Deusen 21 Nov 1792 Tobias R. Van Deusen
 Cornelius Van Deusen 19 Nov 1794
 Abraham Van Deusen 10 Jul 1796
 Catharine Van Deusen 4 Mar 1798 John Gardner
 Lena Van Deusen 17 Mar 1800 Jacob Gardner
 Geertruy Van Deusen 18 Aug 1802 Michael Van Deusen

John J. Van Deusen died young in 1802 at the age of 42. His will, dated Mar. 12, 1802, was probated on Dec. 7, 1802. Residence: Hudson, NY.

Sophia Hallenbeck Van Deusen died on December 30, 1833 at age 70.

John J. Van Deusen and Fitje Hallenbeck are buried at the Spook Rock burial ground on land that was once Van Deusen farmland on the border of Greenport-Claverack, New York.


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