Johannes Van Deusen

Johannes Van Deusen (1728-1803) was born to Tobias Van Deusen (1696-) and Ariaantje Muller and baptized on May 30, 1728 at Claverack, NY.  His sponsors were Pieter and Jannetie Hoogeboon, Cornelis Muller and Mareytie V. Alen.

Johannes’ father was from an original Dutch family who immigrated in the early 1600s to New York and settled in Claverack, Columbia County, New York. Johannes’ great grandfather was ABRAHAM PIETERSEN (VAN DEURSEN) (1607-c  ) who was the progenitor of Van Deusen family in America.  He is remembered as one of the Council of 12 that was the first representative democracy in the Dutch colony.

Proximity to others probably played a large part in the meeting and eventual marriage of Johannes and his wife both of Claverack, NY.  On May 29, 1750, Johannes married Christina Delamater (Christyntje De La Matre), daughter of Gloude De La Matre and Christina Leggett.

The marriage of Johannes and Christina brought together a legacy of grandfathers who immigrated from Holland to New Netherland in the early 1600s.

For example, Christina Delamater’s great grandfather was Claude Delamater, the Huguenot progenitor of the Delamaters described as “one of the sturdy, successful pioneers of early New York. He secured lands by allotment and purchase; held various civil and church trusts; aided in the defense against hostile Indians; and by industry and thrift accumulated a fortune. He was of a determined and obstinate temperament. Between 1666 and 1673 he served four terms as magistrate” (Reynolds, 1911).

Christina was a descendant of Major Dirck Wessel Ten Broeck, who held significant roles in Albany, NY as Indian agent for 20 years, recorder for many years, and former mayor of Albany and owner of 1/7 of the Saratoga Patent.

Johannes Van Deusen was a resident of Claverack during most of his life, although he moved to Coxsackie, Greene County, NY after the Revolutionary War.  According to the testimony of his son Gloude, Johannes was Chairman of the Committee of Safety for the town of Claverack throughout the war.  During that time, he resided in a large brick house at Claverack which was used as a fort while hostilities continued.  Johannes Van Deusen served in the Eighth Regiment, Albany County Militia under Colonel Robert Van Rensselaer.

Johannes and Christina’s children were:

Child Born Married Departed
 Ariantje Van Deusen 11 May 1752
 Jacob Van Deusen bp 15 Apr 1754
 Gloude Van Deusen bp 6 Sep 1754 Elizabeth Muller; Angelica Van Slycke
 Cornelis Van Deusen bp 8 Jan 1758 Rachel Eltinge
 Ariaentje Van Deusen bp 15 Aug 15 1759 Thomas Van Alstyne
 John J. Van Deusen bp 14 Nov 1761  Claverack Fitje Hallenbeck 30 Sep 1782
 Jacobus Van Deusen 26 Jul 1764 Gritje Van Deusen

Christina Delamater died in 1768 and Johannes remarried Marritje two years later in 1770. They had a daughter Sara, baptized at Coxsackie, on June 26, 1774 with sponsors Philip Bronk and Maritje Vosburgh.  Sara married on February 20, 1792 Peter H. Hoogdeelen (Houghtaling).

Christina’s father Gloude Delamater mentions his deceased daughter Christina, late wife of Johannes Van Deusen: 

1769 March 5– 1771 October 2                                                                     DELAMETTER, Gloude, of Claverack, Albany Co. Wife Christina, sons Jeremiah, Dirck, Jacobus, daughters Geertruy, wife of Johs. Mingael van Valkenburgh, Cattelina, Ragel, widow of In. Legget jun., heirs of dec,d da. Christina, late wife of Johs. van Deusen, children of dec,d son John; Cloude Delamater. Real and personal estate. Executors sons Dirck and Jacobus, Gerrit Corneliusen van den Bergh and John Hansen. Witnesses Jeremias Hogeboom, merchant, Joghim Muller, farmer, both of Claverack, and Stephen Hogeboom. Albany Co. Records, Wills L, p. 361.  Calendar of wills on file and recorded in the offices of the Clerk of Appeals

Johannes Van Deusen died at Coxsackie, Greene County, NY and his will was dated July 11, 1803 and probated on November 6, 1803.


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